Messi Pede Key to Argentina’s world cup 2018

 Argentina’s national team to the 2018 World Cup filled the top names. Lionel Messi is optimistic the quality of each player will bring La Albiceleste drove away.

Given FIFA rankings, Argentina is still less than Germany, Brazil, Belgium and Portugal. A number of betting houses did not put Argentina as a candidate for World Cup 2018 champions.

But, given the current squad, Messi is optimistic, the Argentina national team can go far in the 2018 World Cup. In addition to Messi, Argentina squad squad has three other malignant forward. Namely, Sergio Aguero, Paulo Dybala, and Gonzalo Higuain.


“We looked at the World Cup with great enthusiasm and great passion,” Messi was quoted as saying Marca.

“We are well prepared in the training camp We have great players at the individual level and we are ready to fight with any team, even if we are not a favorite team,” he insisted.

Messi appeared in the 2018 World Cup as the owner of the predicate of the best players of the 2014 World Cup. Four years ago in Brazil, Messi collected four goals, and made his team go through the final.

Messi also became part of the Argentine national team two previous editions. In 2010 and 2004, Argentina reached the quarterfinals reported by sbraga sbobet indonesia.

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BMW Production Process Data Saved Up To 25 Years

BMW pays attention to all aspects of the car assembly process. The quality of locally assembled BMW cars with BMW assemblies of other countries in the world are guaranteed the same.

BMW has assembled several models in Indonesia by cooperating with PT Gaya Motor. At the assembly plant of PT Gaya Motor, all production process data is recorded.

“Some processes concerning the function of the car, safety, all will be recorded.So if there is an accident, we can prove that this product is not wrong assembly.Perhaps there is one component, maybe the driver wrong, we can prove it.Because all VIN number will be -record here.So VIN number so many cars processed by whom, what date and quality is ok, “said President Director of PT Gaya Motor Ary Mariano in Sunter, Jakarta, Wednesday (02/08/2017).

The data is stored for up to 25 years. According Ary, if there is a problem with the car assembled it, later can be checked where there is a mistake.

“If there is anything, an accident or whatever we can open the data again, it is not wrong process (assembly) or anything, but so far in Gaya Motor if there is an accident outside is not wrong assembly,” said Ary.

Hunting Ants in Singapore, Do You Want to Try?

If Indonesian people usually like to hunt animals in the wild, it’s different in Singapore. There is an ant hunting trend!

Probably, fishing for fish or collectibles, livestock or fish is commonplace to hunt. If in Singapore, there is something more strange. They search for ants to be hunted and also … kept.

This strange nan nyeleneh hobby even has its own community. Singapore Ants, established since December 2016 ago. Initially, this group started from social media Facebook and already has 910 members!

Quoted angeblog from various sources, Thursday (3/8/2017), this community was initiated by someone named Crish Chan (29). Usually, Singapore Ants brings flashlights in dark places. They also see the small corners of a location.

Barca Have Received Payment 222 Million Euro for Neymar

Neymar’s move to Paris St. Germain soon became a reality. Barcelona confirmed it has received a Neymar buyout clause clause of 222 million euros (about Rp 3.5 trillion).

“On Thursday afternoon, legal representative Neymar Jr. personally visited the club’s office and made a payment worth 222 million euros for the player’s name to unilaterally disconnect the contract binding both sides,” the Barcelona statement quoted ESPN FC as saying.

“Thus, the club will submit the above-mentioned process details to Uefa so they can determine the disciplinary responsibilities that may arise from this.”

This agreement was established shortly after La Liga authorities refused payment of the Neymar buyout clause. The attitude was criticized by Ligue 1 authorities who demanded La Liga to follow FIFA rules.

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Neymar’s transfer to PSG will cost more than 450 million euros, which includes a release clause and a salary. According to rumors, the Brazilian soccer star will be paid 30 million euros per year after tax.

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Once PSG confirmed the recruitment of Neymar, then he will be the most expensive footballer in history. With a transfer value that is two times greater than Paul Pogba (105 million euros) when brought Manchester United from Juventus last season. also believes that Neymar will arrive in Paris on Friday (5/8/2017) local time, to sign a contract duration of five years.

After Chromecast, Gig Prepare TV Subscription

The existence of pay-TV feature is not a major consideration of subscribers of fiber to the home internet service (FTTH). But its presence can be a sweetener service.

This is stated in the survey disclosed Syachrial Syarif, Corporate Secretary Division Indosat Mega Media. He said currently payTV customers 40% of the population of Indonesia.

The remaining 60% were then asked whether they were interested in paying for a pay TV subscription. The result is only 30% who expressed interest.

Despite its small interest, FTTH vendors still provide pay-TV features on their services. Because the existence of these features can lure potential customers to berlanggagan FTTH service. Therefore Gig also plans to present the feature of pay TV on its services.

“It is necessary to have a television, but it is not mandatory, and we plan to present it in the second quarter of next year,” Syachrial said when talking with media in Jakarta on Thursday (3/8/2017).

So how about the Chromecast you’ve previously bundled with? Gig will continue to offer it, because they have worked with Google to bring the mirroring device in Indonesia. And so far, Syachrial said, the customer response was quite good.

“We will continue to bundle Chromecast, as many customers like, especially those who are young,” Syachrial concluded.